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Harnessing Remittances for Africa’s Development
Mthuli Ncube, World Economics, May 2013
Data shows that African remittance inflows have quadrupled since 1990 reaching US$40 billion in 2010. Remittance flows relieve poverty, but they also .. More

The Shadow Economy and Shadow Economy Labour Force: What do we (not) know?
Friedrich Schneider, World Economics, November 2011
In this paper the main focus lies on the development and the size of the shadow economy and of undeclared work (or shadow economy labour force) in OEC.. More

An Economic Analysis of the Mafia
David Maddison & Marilena Pollicino, World Economics, June 2003
This paper reviews the current economic thinking on the Mafia phenomenon. It distinguishes the Mafia from ordinary criminal gangs by the desire of th.. More

Measuring Global Drug Markets
Peter Reuter & Victoria Greenfield, World Economics, December 2001
The continuing demand for measures of the size of global drug revenues has produced a supply of numbers that consistently overstate international fin.. More

The Black Economy - Benefit frauds or tax evaders?
Jim Thomas, World Economics, March 2000
One answer to the question "How Rich are We?" is to compare levels of National Income either across countries or for a single country over time. Howe.. More
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