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The Global Marketing Index ( GMI ) is designed to track changes in the speed and direction of advertising and marketing investment.

Advertising and marketing investment includes spend on mature media such as TV, print , radio, and out of home. Plus spend on digital advertising in social media , mobile and other newly minted forms of communication , now growing at breakneck speed and threatening to overtake traditional media in the future. The GMI tracks changes in budget allocation between these types of advertising and marketing, and activity levels in major geographic areas.

The GMI is a valuable complement to the Sales Managers Index as an economic indicator, as the GMI acts as a proxy indicator for the all important Consumers Expenditure slice of GDP. Advertising and marketing spend is concentrated in areas of high expenditure by consumers (automobile, food and drink, household goods, personal care products, etc) and hence is directly linked to the state of consumer markets which account for 50% or more of GDP in advanced economies.

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