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Weapons Exports
Samuel Brittan, World Economics, June 2003
The commonly held view that an ethical approach to arms sales is desirable but ‘unaffordable’ because jobs and exports are at stake is challenged by .. More
The Euro Crisis
Clas Wihlborg, Thomas D. Willett and Nan Zhang, World Economics, December 2010
The crisis in Greece and other mainly southern Eurozone countries has been discussed primarily as a fiscal issue. Current account deficits of the same.. More
Sukuk Defaults: Islamic Debt Investors Need Better Data
Rodney Wilson, World Economics, February 2013
Sukuk are often described as Islamic bonds, but in practice there are many types of sukuk, some indeed being a Shari’ah compliant substitute for bonds.. More
The Shadow Economy and Shadow Economy Labour Force: What do we (not) know?
Friedrich Schneider, World Economics, November 2011
In this paper the main focus lies on the development and the size of the shadow economy and of undeclared work (or shadow economy labour force) in OEC.. More
The Market for Olympic Gold Medals
Stefan Szymanski, World Economics, December 2000
From a national perspective the Sydney Olympics were almost completely predictable. Statistical modelling shows that population size and income per he.. More
Displaying: 1-5 of 5

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