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Argentina’s Inflation Data Problems

Brian Sturgess - February 2014

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  • Argentina has published its new consumer price index showing prices rose in January 2014 by 3.7% compared to unofficial estimates of 4.1%
  • The government has manipulated official economic inflation statistics since 2007, but following IMF censure it has been forced to produce a new series.
  • The IMF has yet to accept the new series which will be reviewed, but pressures will grow on the government since distorted inflation statistics impacts on a large number of other indicators such as the poverty rate.
  • Data from the World Price Index published by World Economics based on a sample of the cost of purchasing a basket of goods available online indicates that Argentine prices rose by 5.7% in January and that the rate of inflation is accelerating.

Inflation Estimates

There is still much uncertainty about the rate of inflation in Argentina despite the launch of a new official index the National Urban Consumer Prices Index, NUCPI on February 13. The consensus among economists is that it is accelerating, but the real question is by how much?

The newly released official data showing a month on month rise of 3.7% in...

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