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10 August 2020
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  • Official data states that China's Q2 GDP grew at 3.2% in Q2 after the drop of 6.8% due to Covid-19 virus effects.
  • Latest indicators suggest business activity is growing modestly month-on-month.
  • New car sales continue to bounce back, growing at a rate of 16% in July.
  • Total retail sales fell by 1.1% YnY in July, a slowdown in the rate of growth from June.
  • China's Industrial Production has recovered from the Q1 crash, maintaining solid growth in July.
  • The Li Keqiang Index fell in July to a near 2 year low.

GDP Growth

Quarterly Real GDP Growth Q1 2007 – Q2 2020

Annual Real GDP Growth 1961-2019

Data for the last 50 years shows near continuous strong growth in the Chinese economy.


Leading & Composite Indicators

OECD Composite Leading Indicator

The (CLI) is designed “to provide early signals of turning points between expansions and slowdowns of economic activity” The CLI for China uses the following components: Production of chemical fertilizer (tonnes), monetary aggregate m2 (Renminbi). Production of manufactured crude steel (tonnes), 5000 Industrial Enterprises Diffusion Index, Overseas order level (%), buildin


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