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Tanzania’s GDP grows 31.4 percent after rebasing

Dariana Tani - February 2015

Key Points
  • Tanzania joins Kenya and Uganda in GDP revision
  • New methodology and classification implemented
  • Agriculture remains the mainstay of the economy

Tanzania has become the latest African country to report that the size of its economy is bigger than previously estimated, following a statistical revision of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 2001 to 2007 constant prices.

The East African country joins neighbours Kenya and Uganda in their recent upward revisions. Official figures, released on 19th December 2014, put Tanzania's GDP for 2013 at 69.9 trillion Tanzanian shillings (US$38.6 billion)[1], 31.4% higher than the previous estimate of 53.2 trillion shillings (See Figure 1 and Table 1). This is the highest revision leading the East African group, followed by Kenya (which rose 25% at the end of September 2014) and Uganda (13% at the beginning of December 2014).

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