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James Waterson - June 2013

By 2030
•   Asia Pacific to account for over 56% of world population and 52% of GDP
•   Americas to account for 14% of world population and 24% of GDP
•   Europe to account for 10% of world population and 20% of GDP
•   Africa to account for 20% of world population and 4% of GDP

By 2050
•   Asia Pacific to account for over 52% of world population and 64% of GDP
•   Americas to account for 13% of world population and 19% of GDP
•   Europe to account for 9% of world population and 12% of GDP
•   Africa to account for 25% of world population and 5% of GDP

The year 2030 sounds a long way in the future, but in reality it is only a little more than a decade and a half away. However, the changes that will almost inevitably take place over that period in geo-economic and geo-political terms are immense. Making very modest assumptions about economic growth, the world in 2050 becomes visible in outline (see chart 1 below), with profound implications for individuals, ...

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