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The Sales Managers Index: Mongolia

Released: January 17, 2017

Mongolian Economy Suffers but Small Improvements Reported

  • Sales Growth Index remains in contraction territory but with positive
  • Prices charged for goods and services starts to grow
  • Job losses evident as economic challenges continue

The Headline Mongolian Sales Managers’ Index (SMI) was 38.4 in January, an improvement from the level of 37.0 in December. Year-on-year, the January level represents a 6.5 point increase, which could indicate that the Mongolian economy is slowly showing signs of improvement. All sub index components with the exception of staffing levels registered improving levels in January. The Sales Growth Index is still in contraction territory but there has been an emerging trend of improving conditions, with the rate of negative growth dropping off slowly. Prices charged for new sales have now started to grow, which suggests higher price inflation is to follow. Managers’ report that the prices increases have had a minimal impact on profit margins, indicating higher input costs are the driving force.

Headline Sales Managers' Index

Business Confidence Index

Sales Managers' Indexes Trends


Direction Condition
SMI Falling Improving
Business Confidence Falling Improving
Market Growth Falling Improving
Sales Output Falling Improving
Prices Charged Growing Faster
Staffing Levels Falling Worsening

Prices Charged Index

About Mongolian SMI Data

The Sales Managers Index provide the  earliest monthly data on the speed and direction of Mongolian economic activity.

Key advantages of the Mongolia SMI:
  • The SMI provides the first indication each month of the speed and direction of economic growth in Mongolia.
  • The SMI provides the most complete indication of growth, covering all private sector activity.
  • The SMI is based on a key occupational group - uniquely able to sense changes in business activity levels.
  • The SMI is composite index of business confidence, market growth, sales, prices charged and staffing levels.
  • The SMI is a diffusion index, any index value above 50 indicates growth and below 50 indicates contraction.

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