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24 March 2021
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  • Indian GDP fell by 7.5% in Q3 2020 in-line with SMI trends.
  • Leading economic indicators for March show the Indian economy continues to grow tentatively.
  • Total Indian Exports for  February stood at $27,930 (million), the highest value since May 2019.
  • Car sales in India fell by 8.3% YnY in February.
  • Steel production in January was up 7.7% compared to a year earlier.


GDP Growth

Real Annual GDP Growth 1961-2019
Real GDP statistics compiled by World Economics show Indian GDP has grown rapidly over the past 20 years.


Real Quarterly GDP Growth Q2 2012 – Q4 2020

Leading and Composite Indicators

OECD Composite Leading Indicator (CLI)

The (CLI) is designed “to provide early signals of turning points of economic activity.” The index components include industrial production, car sales, monetary aggregates, share prices and the call money rate.  


World Economics India Sales Managers’ Index