World Economics Journal Editorial Board

A distinguished Editorial Board, comprising some of the world's leading economists, ensures a continued high quality of published material.

Executive Editors

Alan Budd

Founder Executive Editor, World Economics Journal

Domenico Lombardi

OXONIA, The Oxford Institute for Economic Policy

David Miles

Imperial College London

International Advisory Board

Charles Bean

London School of Economics

Alan Blinder

Princeton University

David Currie

Competition and Markets Authority

Michael Chibba

Next Paradigm Canada

Gavyn Davies

Fulcrum Asset Management

David Hendry

OXONIA, The Oxford Institute for Economic Policy

Mervyn King

Former Governor, The Bank of England

Allan H. Meltzer

Carnegie Mellon University

Stephen Nickell

Nuffield College, Oxford

Gus O'Donnell

The House of Lords

Kenneth S. Rogoff

Harvard University

Robert M. Solow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Managing Editor

Brian Sturgess

World Economics