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Defence R&D Spending
Keith Hartley, World Economics, March 2011
A nation’s defence R&D determines the international competitiveness of its defence industries and the technical superiority of its military forces. Wh.. More
The Poverty of Statistics: Military Power, Defence Expenditure and Strategic Balance
Jan Ludvík, World Economics, March 2015
Military expenditure and the number of service personnel are the two features most commonly used to compare national military power. The question rema.. More
Why GDP data should be used with extreme caution
World Economics, World Economics, November 2015
The quality of GDP measurements are limited by the resources available to national statistics offices, this is correlated with an economy’s standard o.. More
How Errors in Seasonal Adjustment Factors for US GDP contributes to misleading National Accounts Data
World Economics, World Economics, July 2015
US Q1 GDP data may seriously under record economic growth. Survey evidence suggests US GDP annual growth in Q1 2015 was closer to 2% than the -0.2% of.. More
Tanzania’s GDP grows 31.4 percent after rebasing
Dariana Tani, World Economics, February 2015
Tanzania has become the latest African country to report that the size of its economy is bigger than previously estimated, following a statistical rev.. More
Calculating UK inflation: Common Sense or Common Theft
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, December 2012
The Office of National Statistics (ONS) plans to launch a new Retail Price Index (RPI) known as the RPIJ (RPI Jevons) following a decision to implemen.. More
EU Accounting - Making Government Accounting look good
Marta Andreasen MEP, World Economics, August 2012
Based on the authors’ direct experience of the inner workings of the European Union this article argues that the procedures within this supranational .. More
The Scandalous State of Government Accounting
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, March 2012
The Diseconomies of Terrorism
Peter J. Phillips, World Economics, December 2011
The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) contains many active and inactive terrorist groups. The defining characteristic of the terrorist groups contained .. More
Recent Developments on the Rare Earth Front
Robert Looney, World Economics, March 2011
Chinese actions in the rare earths market have raised a number of concerns about the country’s motives in restricting exports. One theory is that the .. More
It’s Time to Retire the US Military’s Retirement System
Chris Springer, World Economics, December 2010
The author outlines a retirement system for the most expensive government organisation in the world – the US military. The plan incorporates positive .. More
Weapons Exports
Samuel Brittan, World Economics, June 2003
The commonly held view that an ethical approach to arms sales is desirable but ‘unaffordable’ because jobs and exports are at stake is challenged by .. More
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