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Savings for the Poor
Ignacio Mas, World Economics, December 2010
This paper reviews the relevance of formal financial services – in particular, savings – to poor people, the economic factors that have hindered the m.. More
Raising Consumption, Maintaining Growth and Reducing Emissions
Nicholas Stern, World Economics, December 2011
China’s 12th five-year plan represents a radical change in strategy. China now sees its future growth within this strategy and accordingly as driven b.. More
Demystifying Youth Unemployment
Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, World Economics, August 2013
Official data on youth unemployment across the European Union shows disturbingly high rates, but these figures misrepresent the problem by not taking .. More
The “Good Global Citizen” remit of the IMF: reforming international economic and financial cooperation
Biagio Bossone and Roberta Marra, World Economics, March 2013
In the highly globalized world economy of our times, where markets are tightly integrated, setting domestic economic policy with a view simply to keep.. More
The Impact of Reputation on Stock Market Value
Simon Cole, World Economics, February 2013
This article reports on an evidence based method for determining the impact of corporate reputations on equity market values. Combining financial and .. More
The Collapse of Consensus: the Contemporary Confusion over Macroeconomic Policy
Graham Bird, World Economics, December 2012
Consensus in macroeconomics helps policy makers formulate a coherent and logically consistent group of policies. At different times in the post war er.. More
Whatever happened to Africa’s rapid Urbanisation?
Deborah Potts, World Economics, March 2012
It is widely believed that urbanisation is occurring faster in sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else in the world, as migrants move from rural to urba.. More
The Lone Stand of Vaclav Klaus
David Henderson, World Economics, February 2012
There is a global policy consensus on the threat of global climate change is an urgent priority for all nations due to anthropogenic global warming (A.. More
Human Resource Development (HRD) and Foreign Remittances
Muhammad Abdul Wahab, Vaqar Ahmed and Hamid Mahmood, World Economics, December 2013
This study tries to document linkages between HRD, migration and remittances in South Asia. We have explained in detail the various channels through w.. More
Defence R&D Spending
Keith Hartley, World Economics, March 2011
A nation’s defence R&D determines the international competitiveness of its defence industries and the technical superiority of its military forces. Wh.. More
Low-Carbon Development for the Least Developed Countries
Alex Bowen and Sam Fankhauser, World Economics, March 2011
The global community has to act collectively to halt climate change. But such collective action must take into account the development needs of the le.. More
The Economics of Copyright
Ray Corrigan & Mark Rogers, World Economics, September 2005
The copyright industries—such as music, film, software and publishing—occupy a significant and growing share of economic activity. Current copyright l.. More
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