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Regionalising Infrastructure Reform in Developing Countries
Ioannis N. Kessides, Roger G. Noll and Nancy C. Benjamin, World Economics, September 2010
The principal conclusion of this essay is that regionalisation of infrastructure regulation (i.e. the creation of supranational regulatory authorities.. More
The Shadow Economy and Shadow Economy Labour Force: What do we (not) know?
Friedrich Schneider, World Economics, November 2011
In this paper the main focus lies on the development and the size of the shadow economy and of undeclared work (or shadow economy labour force) in OEC.. More
The Shadow Economy Labour Force
Friedrich Schneider, World Economics, December 2011
In this paper, the main focus lies on the development and size of the shadow economy labour force in OECD, developing and transition countries. Beside.. More
Africa’s Water
Roderick Mackenzie, World Economics, June 2011
Water underpins the whole of Africa’s economy, be it municipal, agricultural, industrial or mining, and is, unfortunately, often a critical factor in .. More
Why GDP data should be used with extreme caution
World Economics, World Economics, November 2015
The quality of GDP measurements are limited by the resources available to national statistics offices, this is correlated with an economy’s standard o.. More
The Nutella Tax: patronising, protectionist and promoting poverty
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2013
Last year France came close to adopting a 300% rise in the tax on the import of palm oil, justified on health and environmental grounds. The ‘fat’ tax.. More
Haemorrhage of Illicit Financial Flows in Africa
Mthuli Ncube, World Economics, July 2013
When to Buy and When to Sell Equities?
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, May 2013
A review of three investment models with a basis in economics which try to answer questions about the relative value of equity markets. Three basic ap.. More
Nigerian GDP to rise by 50 percent on improved measurement
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, April 2013
Economic statistics for many African countries are seriously deficient. In Ghana an improvement in evaluating economic activity, mainly in the Service.. More
Grand Bahama: A Role Model For Privately Funded Infrastructure Development?
Keith Boyfield, World Economics, March 2013
The recent international conference in Freeport, Grand Bahama was held to discuss the implications for international trade and Caribbean economies ste.. More
Calculating UK inflation: Common Sense or Common Theft
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, December 2012
The Office of National Statistics (ONS) plans to launch a new Retail Price Index (RPI) known as the RPIJ (RPI Jevons) following a decision to implemen.. More
Investing in Mongolia
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2012
The recent decision by Chalco, the aluminium company of China, to drop its US$926 billion takeover of a controlling interest mining company SouthGobi .. More
Reflections on the Crisis in Greece
Haris Vittas, World Economics, September 2012
After a brief review of the origins of the crisis and the efforts that have been made to cope with it, the paper assesses the factors that explain the.. More
EU Accounting - Making Government Accounting look good
Marta Andreasen MEP, World Economics, August 2012
Based on the authors’ direct experience of the inner workings of the European Union this article argues that the procedures within this supranational .. More
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Graham Bird, World Economics, May 2012
From a position some years ago where the euro was seen as set to challenge the dollar as the world’s leading currency, there are now serious concerns .. More
The Scandalous State of Government Accounting
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, March 2012
Government Accounting
Ian Ball and Gary Pflugrath, World Economics, March 2012
As the current sovereign debt crisis engulfing Europe broadens and threatens to bring down more governments and lead the world into another, potentia.. More
Remittances and their Macroeconomic Impact
Mthuli Ncube and Zuzana Brixiova, World Economics, December 2013
This paper examines the macroeconomic trends, drivers and the impact of remittances in Africa. First, it documents the increasing share of remittances.. More
African Diaspora Remittances are Better than Foreign Aid Funds
Adams Bodomo, World Economics, December 2013
In this article, two sources of socio-economic development finance for Africa, African Diaspora remittance funds and Overseas Development Assistance (.. More
Global Financial Crisis, Protectionism and Current Account Deficit
Peter Draper, Andreas Freytag and Sebastian Voll, World Economics, June 2011
The recent financial and economic crisis, and the resurgence in the popularity of emerging markets has raised fears in these economies of a resumption.. More
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