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Demographic Risk in Industrial Societies
Sylvester J. Schieber & Paul S. Hewitt, World Economics, December 2000
There is a growing awareness of the aging of populations around the world and the implications for national retirement programs. In most cases, estim.. More
Sovereign Credit Risk in the Euro Zone
Jamal Ibrahim Haidar, World Economics, April 2012
What is the current state of sovereign credit risk across Euro zone? Does the recent fiscal crisis extend to other (non Euro zone) countries? Is Greec.. More
The Euro Crisis: No More Safe Havens
Josh Rosner, World Economics, July 2012
Rosner argues that German long-term bunds are not the safe haven that many have talked them up as, and that in fact the long-term underlying indicator.. More
Narrow Banking
John Kay, World Economics, March 2010
The credit crunch of 2007–8 was the direct and indirect result of losses incurred by major financial services companies in speculative trading in whol.. More
Global Financial Crisis, Protectionism and Current Account Deficit
Peter Draper, Andreas Freytag and Sebastian Voll, World Economics, June 2011
The recent financial and economic crisis, and the resurgence in the popularity of emerging markets has raised fears in these economies of a resumption.. More
The Rebirth of the Corporate Bond Market
Bill Robinson, John Raven & Christopher Chua, World Economics, June 2001
There has been a major switch from equity to debt finance in recent years, associated with a fall in the long-term rate of interest. The paper explor.. More
Economic and Monetary Union Governance
Irene Kyriakopoulos, World Economics, December 2011
The global financial crisis has exposed serious flaws in the economic governance of the Eurozone. The crisis has accelerated pre-existing divergence i.. More
Understanding the Greek Crisis
Michael Mitsopoulos and Theodore Pelagidis, World Economics, March 2011
This paper focuses on the distortions that the Greek public debt has imposed on the Greek banking system, and suggests how these can be unwound. The l.. More
The Unfolding Sovereign Debt Crisis
Bob McKee, World Economics, December 2010
After the excessive expansion of new forms of private sector credit over two decades of disinflation, a huge pyramid of global liquidity was accumulat.. More
Financial Crises and Social Spending
Maureen Lewis and Marijn Verhoeven, World Economics, December 2010
Financial crises in developing and transition countries have often proven disruptive to policies and programmes due to procyclical trends in governmen.. More
The International Financial Architecture
Onno de Beaufort Wijnholds, World Economics, June 2010
The global financial crisis requires a global solution. A deep-seated overhaul of the international financial system is needed, but could be frustrate.. More
Ethics of the Discount Rate in the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change
Wilfred Beckerman & Cameron Hepburn, World Economics, March 2007
Any comparison of the costs and benefits of climate change is dominated by the chosen discount rate. But, although the Stern Review emphasises the eth.. More
A Review of the Stern Review
Richard S. J. Tol & Gary W. Yohe, World Economics, December 2006
The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change was published on 30 October 2006. In this article Richard Tol and Gary Yohe, while agreeing with s.. More
Are Estimates of the Economic Contribution of Financial Services Reliable?
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, June 2017
Why GDP data should be used with extreme caution
World Economics, World Economics, November 2015
The quality of GDP measurements are limited by the resources available to national statistics offices, this is correlated with an economy’s standard o.. More
Using Reputation Data for Investment in Real Estate Trusts
Simon Cole, Brain Sturgess and Michael Brown, World Economics, December 2013
This paper examines the impact of corporate reputation on the market value of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) listed on the London Stock Exchang.. More
How to create a British Sovereign Wealth Fund
Keith Boyfield & Brian Sturgess, World Economics, November 2013
Britain does not possess a Sovereign Wealth Fund in contrast to Norway whose Government Pension Fund has assets of US$804 billion. There are proposals.. More
Understanding Commercial Property Price Indexes
Mick Silver, World Economics, October 2013
The type of database used for the measurement of commercial property price indexes (CPPIs) dictates the potential weaknesses in the resulting indexes .. More
Africa’s Growing Appetite for Infrastructure Expenditure
Keith Boyfield, World Economics, July 2013
The African Development Bank estimates Africa’s infrastructure financing needs at US$390 billion by 2024, much of it required for power projects. Nige.. More
Haemorrhage of Illicit Financial Flows in Africa
Mthuli Ncube, World Economics, July 2013
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