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Finance, Technology and Multinationals from the Periphery
Edmund Amann and Werner Baer, World Economics, March 2010
This article analyses the emergence of Latin American multinational corporations (MNCs), with a particular emphasis on the roles of finance and techno.. More
Savings for the Poor
Ignacio Mas, World Economics, December 2010
This paper reviews the relevance of formal financial services – in particular, savings – to poor people, the economic factors that have hindered the m.. More
Abu Dhabi: Real Progress in Achieving a Diversified Economy
Keith Boyfield, World Economics, November 2012
Abu Dhabi has one of the highest GDP per capita rankings in the world. Keen not to rest on its laurels, the country is rapidly diversifying its econo.. More
Deflation? What Deflation? Statistical Origins of Japan’s Declining Price Levels
Masanaga Kumakura, World Economics, June 2015
Although Japan’s CPI is often criticized for potential upward bias, it deals with improvements in the quality of individual goods in ways that make th.. More
Carbon Commitments Must Translate into Real Action
Andrew Raingold, World Economics, March 2010
The efforts of political leaders to negotiate a global agreement to reduce carbon emissions highlights the importance of consistent action at the dome.. More
Human Resource Development (HRD) and Foreign Remittances
Muhammad Abdul Wahab, Vaqar Ahmed and Hamid Mahmood, World Economics, December 2013
This study tries to document linkages between HRD, migration and remittances in South Asia. We have explained in detail the various channels through w.. More
Sub-Saharan Africa
Veronica Kalema, World Economics, June 2011
Sub Saharan Africa’s (SSA’s) growth bounced back to 5% in 2010 following a slowdown to 2.8% in 2009 because of the GFC. Moreover, SSA’s 5-plus growth .. More
Recent Developments on the Rare Earth Front
Robert Looney, World Economics, March 2011
Chinese actions in the rare earths market have raised a number of concerns about the country’s motives in restricting exports. One theory is that the .. More
The Economics of Copyright
Ray Corrigan & Mark Rogers, World Economics, September 2005
The copyright industries—such as music, film, software and publishing—occupy a significant and growing share of economic activity. Current copyright l.. More
Can Africa Catch Up?
Arne Bigsten, World Economics, June 2002
The trend towards globalization of the last few decades has been manifested in the sustained growth of world trade and flows of investment and techno.. More
Boosting Infrastructure Investments in Africa
Donald Kaberuka, World Economics, June 2011
The absolute and relative lack of infrastructure in Africa suggests that the continent’s competitiveness could be boosted by scaling up investments in.. More
Measuring GDP in Asia
World Economics, World Economics, March 2016
The quality of economic data across Asia-Pacific region varies considerably across countries, mainly as a result of lack of statistical capacity, maki.. More
Argentina’s Inflation Data Problems
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, February 2014
Argentina has published its new consumer price index showing prices rose in January 2014 by 3.7% compared to unofficial estimates of 4.1%. The governm.. More
World Markets of Tomorrow
James Waterson, World Economics, June 2013
The year 2030 sounds a long way in the future, but in reality it is only a little more than a decade and a half away. However, the changes that will a.. More
The “Good Global Citizen” remit of the IMF: reforming international economic and financial cooperation
Biagio Bossone and Roberta Marra, World Economics, March 2013
In the highly globalized world economy of our times, where markets are tightly integrated, setting domestic economic policy with a view simply to keep.. More
Global Value Chains and Trade in Value-Added: New Insights, Better Policies
Ken Ash, World Economics, March 2013
This paper stresses the importance of the growth in global value chains (GVCs) across countries using data from the new Trade in Value-Added (TiVA) da.. More
The Change in Corporate Behaviour
Andrew Smithers, World Economics, October 2012
Deficit finance is needed to offset ex-ante savings’ surpluses and provides an adequate solution, provided that the surpluses are cyclical. Today addi.. More
Investing in Mongolia
Brian Sturgess, World Economics, September 2012
The recent decision by Chalco, the aluminium company of China, to drop its US$926 billion takeover of a controlling interest mining company SouthGobi .. More
The End of Population Growth
Sanjeev Sanyal, World Economics, June 2012
The global fertility rate is declining much more rapidly than anyone anticipated. Human population may keep growing for a few more decades due to incr.. More
Gabon Emergent
Keith Boyfield, World Economics, April 2012
Gabon: 50 years after independence from France will its market orientated strategy to achieve emerging nation status be realised? More
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