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Main U.S. Business Activity Indicators Look Positive in September. But Price Inflation Worsens

1 October 2022
All Business Activity Indicators, with the notable exception of Staffing, reflected resumed economic growth in September.

Both the Market Growth and Sales Growth Indexes, registering index levels of 52.6 and 53.3 respectively, reflected a more buoyant environment than seen for some time. The former reaching an 8 month high and the latter a 7 month high.

Business Confidence rose to a 4 month high, but despite a positive index reading of 50.7, remains too close for comfort to the 50 "no growth" line. And the one real negative, overall staffing levels remained low compared with one year ago. The Sales Managers Index, summarising these trends, jumped from below the 50 "no growth" level to well above the line.

The Prices Index rose from 54.5 to a worrying 56.6, indicating the continuing presence of high price inflation in producer markets generally. Price inflation has very definitely not yet been vanquished. See more data...

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